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    Website Not Working Properly. In Sock Wool Options, after page 2. Back to Page 1. Select page 4. back to see page 3. Please email for p&p cost to pay by Internet Banking, or PayPal invoice. Thanks. Sorry about the hassle.

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    NEW: Opal Rainforest 14, Handwork & Hobby 3, Symphony, Style ranges.


SORRY PROBLEMS WITH MY WEBSITE, Freight Prices have disappeared. Please email sheena@sockwool.co.nz, phone/text 027 302 3483, or phone 04 904 1022 for p&p and Internet Banking details or I can send you an Invoice through PayPal, or if you have any queries. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Opal Sparkle, Claude Monet, Butterfly, Rainforest 14, Handwork & Hobby 3, Symphony, Safari, 4-ply Sock Wool, Spring Fragrance 3-ply Sock Wool

Most stock numbers have been put on the website, however, as I have customers who call in, the full quantity you require may not be available. I do try to alter the stock asap.
HOURS: Closed Monday mornings, all day Wednesdays and Thursday mornings.
OPEN most other times, including weekends, please phone 04 904 1022, 027 302 4834 or take potluck I'm home.
I am slowly downsizing and once my stocks of Ashford Tekapo and Ashford Mackenzie yarns are sold out, these will no longer be stocked.

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